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Preparing for the Phenomena of Postpartum Program

Are you here because you are pregnant and need more information about how to make your postpartum time magical?

Maybe you are feeling anxious about being in the postpartum time for the first time?

Maybe you are worried you will have postpartum depression?

The postpartum time in so associated with mental suffering that we often use the word postpartum when we mean postpartum depression. "I don't want to get postpartum." No wonder you are concerns that you will struggle with depression after baby is born when that's all we talk about related to the postpartum time. 

I will teach you in this virtual educational series that there are so many things you can do to reduce the changes of postpartum depression or anxiety. 

This  educational series is more than onesies, padsicles and freezer meals. You will gain the

  • knowledge

  • resources

  • be asked the hard questions you need

leaving you feeling as prepared as possible for your postpartum experience.

This is for you IF you want to be prepared but in person support isn't appropriate.

This is for you IF you want to work with me but don't live locally.

This is NOT for you if you know all the things about postpartum preparation (who could, right?!)


Postpartum Doula Support

Feeling worried about how your postpartum time will go? 

Are you scared that being under supported could result in you feeling lonely, isolated, sad, or overwhelmed? 

Let's work together to get you feeling prepared, supported, taken care of, and connected!

Let's get to know each other while  enjoying herbal tea and green smoothies during your pregnancy. We have real honest conversations about the phenomena of the postpartum in an effort to get your prepared for what is to come. 

Our work will help you feel

  • prepared

  • supported

  • confident

to take on whatever parenting throws at you. Once you enter the postpartum period my support will be individualized to your family's needs. Let me take care of you while you take care of yours. The focus of my visits will be to ensure you are feeling all of the oxytocin love instead of the overwhelm, isolation, boredom and loneliness.

My doula support is different because it reflects my beliefs that it is imperative to prepare for postpartum in the pregnancy and to really make a lasting impact in your postpartum time, that support is needed for at least 6 months after birth and even better if it's 1 year. I believe having support for the first year of your postpartum time is crucial to the family’s (including baby) mental health. I also work in a way that honors that the support you need is different every time we meet therefore must be tailored to you and your family.

This is for you IF you want to feel more prepared and supported in your pregnancy and/or postpartum time.

This is NOT for you if you are completely prepared and have too much support (does that even exist?)

If you would like more information on individual packages and prices, click the 'Contact Me' Button below.


Clarity Calls

Feeling like you are drowning in information?

Not sure what path is right for you?

It is possible to gain perspective and clarity in parenthood!

Looking back one of my natural talents since I was young has been to hold space, actively listen and assist people in finding clarity. Add to that my love of learning, my social work education, my experience working with families since 2009 and the extremely comprehensive and self developing Dynamo Doula Training.

My goal is to help you go from feeling unseen, confused, and overwhelmed and to heard, loved, supported, confident and crystal clear.

Clarity Calls include:
-30 minutes together via phone or video call
-Relevant research, literature or resources
-A follow up text or message from me a week later

This service is for you if you are wanting to go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to crystal clear.

This service is NOT for you if have it all together (spoiler alert: none of us do!)

Contact me below to schedule your clarity call.

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I absolutely love your brain!

You've made a big impression on my journey into motherhood.



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