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Recommended Books

>Womanly Art of Breastfeeding- La Leche League

>Sweet Sleep – La Leche League

>The First Forty Days – Heng Ou

>The Fourth Trimester -Kimberly Johnson

>Natural Health After Birth -Aviva Romm

>Sacred Pregnancy- Anni Daulter

Recommended Websites

>jim mcdonald, herbalist

>Aviva Romm, midwife, herbalist, and MD

>Herb Lore- Herbal education and store specializing in fertility, birth and postpartum

>Lily Nichols, RDN

Local Community Resources

>Hawthorn and Violet Naturopathy and Herb Shop

>Dean Page, Homeopathy

>Genesee County Babywearers (on Facebook)

>Ello Pe Photography

>Estercobe Photography


Instagram Accounts to Follow

@newbornmothers @momdocspsychology

@_happyasamother @mombrain.therapist

@researchformoms @postpartummaranda

@birdsongbrooklyn @herholisticpath

Antiracism Resources


>The Melanated Birthworkshop w/ @herholisticpath


Free Downloads

Resources: Childbirth Education
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