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Hi, I'm Bonnie...

I am a woman who was not prepared for the realities of the postpartum and parenthood and am turning that pain into my passion and purpose.


I was called to Doula work after I gave birth to my first daughter. At the time I was working in social work and behavior analysis. After the birth of my second daughter I knew I couldn't resist my calling any longer. I trained with the best programs available; the Dynamo Doula Training with Angel Pheonix Arsenal ( and Thrive Mentorship for Doulas with Katherine Eden (


I quickly realized that I was being called to focus on the postpartum time. The only thing I love more than my Wednesday morning slow flow yoga class? Working with families fresh in the postpartum time after we have prepped for it and created a relationship in the pregnancy.  I feel passionately that the postpartum time is much longer than 6 weeks and shouldn't be an afterthought. Everyone should experience a supported, loving, and magical postpartum. I can help you achieve this by supporting you in preparing for your postpartum period while you are pregnant and by supporting you in the postpartum time in the ways you need for much longer than 6 weeks.


I'll never forget the moment, hours after giving birth to my first daughter when the nurse said to me, "we so often forget to think about what we will need after baby is born." I was stunned, panicked and couldn't believe I had never thought about what I would need as I had spent almost three years researching and obsessing over everything pregnancy, birth, babies and gear but never thought about myself and what I would need after my baby was born.


So let me take another sip of my herbal tea and say loud and clear that your needs, your healing and your care matter too, if not more than everyone else's. I will be by your side reminding you and your family of this until you are living it. This short but full of strength momma is ready to hold space for you to become the best version of your new self so you can be the best parent for your little one!

Here more about my journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum in the videos below.

It was in 2020 when after studying herbalism for 4 years that I took Lindera, a 4 season herbal intensive with Jim McDonald. After this intensive my knowledge grew exponentially. I am so grateful to be able to guide others on their plant path.

In addition to my unique doula services I also provide virtual therapy services for women, mothers, and Highly Sensitive People. Before I became a doula, I worked as a mental health therapist and social worker for seven years. I believe that it makes all the difference to have a therapist that is educated and experienced in the difficulties of being a women and mother. Please contact me personally for more information on these virtual therapy services if you are interested. Insurance and self pay options.

About Bonnie: About
About Bonnie: Welcome

A wild violet plant was chosen to be my logo to honor my maternal lineage. My great-grandmother was known to have over 400 African Violet plants in her home at a time and my grandmother and mother always kept at least one African Violet plant in theirs. While I do the same, I feel a wild violet plant better symbolizes my connection to nature, plants and therefore myself.

"Violet flowers are such abundant and accessible medicine. Energetically and emotionally, I think of them as having a special affinity for women and girls, and for helping us to find strength deep within as we navigate the many life stages and rites-of-passage our bodies make necessary." -Amber Magnolia Hill, Herbalist

Photo credit to Estercobe Photography and Nicole Daniels Photography.

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