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Bonnie M Griffin, MSW, Postpartum Doula, and Herbalist

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My unique doula offering teaches and guides pregnant people and partners in preparing for their postpartum experience in order to feel loved, supported, and confident post birth. 

I lovingly guide my clients through multiple honest and crucial discussions and exercises in order to keep them authentic and aware of what may be problematic for the postpartum period. 

I offer postpartum doula support post birth that is unique as it allows us to integrate what was uncovered in  pregnancy.

I work with parents and expecting parents individually through one on one clarity coaching calls. These calls help my clients find the clarity they need to confidently navigate a non-mainstream postpartum and parenthood. 

I see you and am here to say that you don't have to do this alone. Actually, you shouldn't do this alone, no one should. Everyone benefits from new parents being supported and prepared for their postpartum period including yourself, your children, family members, friends, employers and your community!

Let's journey together though pregnancy and parenthood!

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Linden, MI

(810) 853-8770

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