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Identifying Your Ideal Postpartum

Preparing for the Phenomena of Postpartum Program


In the first section I talked about traditional cultures around the world and their practices for the postpartum time. I also highlighted the stark differences in our society, culture, and America. Now it’s time for you to determine what your ideal postpartum would look like. Then it’s time for you to figure out how you can get an experience as close to that as possible.

There are many things that drastically reduce the chances of you experiencing postpartum mental health issues and you have already learned about them through this program. Having this information and preparing for postpartum in it's self reduces the chances of developing a postpartum mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Now you know how nutrition, sleep, and support play a huge factor in your mental health in the postpartum period.

I'm so impressed that you chose to prepare for your postpartum and that you put the work in. I know that it will greatly benefit you. You are getting off to an amazing start to parenting and you should be proud!


For this post please:

-Watch the below video.

-Complete the following journal prompts.

  1. What action steps do you need to complete to work toward your ideal postpartum?

  2. Are there any discussions you need to have with your partner, family and/or friends?

  3. How do you feel about the fact that you invested in preparing for your postpartum and worked through all of this information?

-Downloaded the Topics to Discuss for a Prepared Postpartum on the Resource page of my website. This is essentially a summary of everything you have learned.

-Please Complete the Survey feedback form by following the link below.

-Lastly, let me know you have made it this far and we will schedule a clarity coaching call to help you create your Postpartum and Mental Health Care Plan.


With love,

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