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Preparing for the Phenomena of Postpartum Program

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Finances can get a stressful topic when it comes to the postpartum time. Especially if you live in America where it's not guaranteed that you will have any income in the time after you give birth. This section talks about some ways to off set some of the expenses of having a baby with a video on cloth diapering and taking a hard look at what items you really need to raise a child.

The baby gear business is a HUGE one with lots of products that seem essential and promise an easier parenting experience. As a mother of two I would like to give you my life of what if really needed to raise a baby. These items are what would be on my registry. See below for a registry recommendation.

What a family with a new baby really needs/Recommended Registry Items

Donation for maternity and/or paternity leave fund

Postpartum Doula Gift Cards

Car Seat (not recommended to ever buy a car seat used. It's worth it to buy this new.)

Ring Sling or stretchy wrap (or try to borrow one!)

Buckle Carrier (or try to borrow one!)

Diapers (cloth diapers save you money in the end)


Nursing Tanks and Bras (if you plan to breastfeed)

Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Restaurant or food delivery gift cards

Professional Cleaner gift cards

Photography Gift Card

Dog Walking Service (if applicable)

Qeepsake Membership (more info here:

Notice that I don't list a jumper, walker, bouncer, baby bathtub, baby socks. All of these things are nice to have but in my experience they aren't essential and often collect dust.


For this section please:

Watch the video below on cloth diapering

-More information about how to cloth diaper here:

-The following website gives car seat information from car seat safety technicians. It is a really helpful sight when trying to figure out what car seat to purchase. There is also a facebook group called Car Seats for the Littles where you can submitt questions.

-Visit this website to get more information about the Family Medical Leave Act that I spoke about in the first section.

-Check out Be Her Village Registry. They are an online registry where you can add things like doula services or cleaners to your registry. More information here:

-Complete the following journal prompts.

  1. What concerns do you have regarding finances and your postpartum time?

  2. Will you be returning to work after birth? If so, how long after? How do those decisions make you feel?

  3. Do you need to have any discussions with your partner regarding money and the postpartum time?

  4. Will your partner be able to take any time off after your birth? How does the answer of that question make you feel?


Remember: If taking in this information becomes uncomfortable for you it is important to shift and move these feelings. Feel them, identify what you need to learn from those feelings, then take action to move those feelings. This could look like free writing in your journal about your feelings, moving your body or expressing your feelings verbally. If you can't get unstuck, reach out to me and we will do a clarity coaching call.

With love,

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