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Preparing for the Phenomena of Postpartum Program

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Babywearing is one of the main parenting tools that I use. Just recently Rae at over two years old was in our toddler soft structure carrier getting a ride with mommy and daddy. Babywearing is one of my favorite things to teach parents. It can be such a game changer for bonding practicality and can help you feel more confident as a parent. With that being said a lot of people attempt to wear their child and have a bad experience and write it off for good. There are a multiple reasons that it may seem like babywearing isn't for you when it may just be a troubleshooting problem such as ☑ the carrier doesn't fit your body ☑ the carrier isnt the best fit for your child's body ☑ the way the carrier is being worn needs adjusting for everyone to be more comfortable ☑when you attempted wearing baby was wer, hungry, etc Not to mention that it can be intimidating to choose the right design and brand for you with all of the options out there. Get some help if it isn't working for you or before you make a purchase. There are local babywearing groups in most areas that have lending libraries of carries like the group I help facilitate in my area or hire someone for a 1:1 consult.


For this section please:

-Watch the below videos. Take note of any questions you may have to ask me during a clarity coaching call.

-Join Genesee County Babywearers on Facebook if you want more information.

-View the below educational art from Spirit Y Sol. You can find more of their work at


Remember: If taking in this information becomes uncomfortable for you it is important to shift and move these feelings. Feel them, identify what you need to learn from those feelings, then take action to move those feelings. This could look like free writing in your journal about your feelings, moving your body or expressing your feelings verbally. If you can't get unstuck, reach out to me and we will do a clarity coaching call.

With love,

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